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50 minute sessions

Reasons I Chose Counselling as a Profession:

I want to create positive change.
A career in counselling can create positive change in both the counsellors’ life and in the lives of others. This in itself is extremely rewarding.

I want to make a difference.
Everyone has problems that they need to learn to overcome in their everyday lives, and counsellors provide a valuable assistance to those in emotional need. When stress occurs in life, people often elect to speak to a counsellor to give them direction, support and guidance.

I have a strong desire to help others
One of the most common reasons people decide to enter the field of counselling is because they have a strong desire to help others and to assist people with the challenges of daily living.

I am a good listener.
Persons have told me that they often feel comfortable confiding in me. I have a natural ability or desire to empathise with people and understand the importance of confidentiality.

I want to experience a feeling of purpose and fulfillment in my career.
Some persons experience a ‘calling” into a career path. They may have a desire to be a part of something larger than themselves. Seeing the positive change in individuals and the new path they have taken fuels the desire to continue in this career path. Positivity breeds more positivity.

My work as a psychologist is more than a job; it is a passion for me. When I work with my clients, I want to see them succeed. I remember back in university doing my Bachelor’s degree, and I was so excited about all the information I learned in my classes. I saw myself applying the theories I learned in those various courses while interacting with people. The biggest test came after graduation, and I realise that this was no longer classroom exercises but real-life scenarios. That was the moment that determined if I wanted to pursue this area as a career. No matter what I did, I have always been drawn to working with people, and I learned to accept that this is a calling for me.

Seeing persons move to a definite place in their lives gives me hope that once people are willing to change, it can be done. One thing I try to remind others when they ask me about psychology is that counselling is not a magic wand. Counsellors/psychologists cannot read one’s mind, nor are they magicians, instead we provide tools that help our clients develop an understanding of their situation and come to the point of resolution.

My aim as a psychologist is to help people find purpose in their lives, come to a place of healing, and work with those who need further assistance in the legal system.

I am a trained Forensic Psychologist, MS., and a certified counsellor, with over ten years experience. It has been so rewarding to work with individuals and groups in the areas of mental health and wellness, offering assistance to persons experiencing depression, abuse, low self-esteem, mental and emotional health.

I have worked with the Child Protection Unit in the Police Service, assisting in interviewing and analysing cases that involved victims of sexual abuse. Also, I have the opportunity to work with the Ministry of National Security, in one of their pilot projects under the National Crime Prevention Programme. This is geared towards assisting children who may be experiencing challenges in various aspects of their lives and providing them with tools to overcome them.

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