How to Unlock Your Passion? – Part 1

What Drives Your Passion - Pt 1

Making a decision on what direction to take in your life seems overwhelming at times. But one of the driving forces to aid in this move is your passion. One must have a passion for what you are doing and what you want to do in the future. Too many times we settle because we prefer to stay in a comfortable state than take a chance on something that truly inspires us.

Finding a New Career

Take for example finding a new career; many persons get stuck in a job because they are afraid to step out and venture into a career path that they are truly passionate about. I know many factors including ensuring that the bills are paid every month is definitely a motivation for sticking it out in that job, but your mental state is usually affected by being in an unhappy place. 

The work seems unsatisfying, the relationship with the boss and co-workers may be strained, and you may be representing a negative version of yourself, which contributes to the negative environment and puts more pressure on your performance. Sadly, it may reach a stage where you get burned out or even get fired for lack of performance.

My First Job

This is an area I can relate to. My first full-time job out of college was getting into the administration field. I was excited to have a job because, guess what….. I can pay my bills. But you know what happened, I began to feel disgruntled and frustrated because I wasn’t able to pursue my passion. I got stifled in an environment that even though I performed well, I got no true satisfaction from it. I went to work day-in, day-out, hoping and praying the days would end.

The Interview

I remember at one point going to an interview and feeling so excited for the opportunity to change jobs but the interview was a disaster. One of the interviewers insulted my degree and the school I attended. Another one told me that I wouldn’t get the job because her husband was already selected for the position. 

I must say I was extremely upset about being belittled for having worked so hard for a degree that I felt passionate about. I also felt slighted that my accomplishments were not taken into consideration, as the interview was a sham. I left feeling hurt and disappointed, and you know what I did, I went back to my old job because I felt what was the point in taking a chance again, only to be shut down.

The problem with this decision is that I became more frustrated in the job, and it began to affect my health. I would have constant headaches and stomach aches, and eventually sought medical help for my ailments. After many tests, the doctor realised that stress was making me sick. He advised me that I needed to make a drastic change in my career or my condition would worsen. It was the first time I realise how being in a job that doesn’t drive your passion, that sucks your life away, can make you mentally and physically sick. So, I planned an exit strategy.

Taking That Bold Step

I decided it was time to follow my passion, do what makes me happy, do what can bring me great joy. And yes, I quit my job. People were shocked, because no one quits their job they said. But I did what needed to be done for me. And I have no regrets for making that decision today. Since that moment I have felt a sense a relief. I was also selective in who I told of my decision because the naysayers would be ready to tear me down for making such a decision.

Making such a change means taking a risk and stepping out in faith. It also means trusting yourself that you are more valuable than you give yourself credit.

Please do not misinterpret all this to mean that when you make that first step it’s going to be easy. Yes, you will encounter some hurdles, yes, you will fall down at times and roadblocks may develop in your path, but I encourage you to keep pushing forward. Nothing in life that is worth it comes easy. But the journey will be one you can look back on and appreciate every path you have taken. You will even be surprised that when you do a reflection on your life that you are amazed of the progress you have made in your journey.

Keep pushing forward, keep going after your passion and developing it, and become the best you that you can be. The only person you should be worried about disappointing is yourself. No one else matters. Click here to continue your journey in learning how to unlock your passion in relationships.

Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment or story highlighting what drives your passion.


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