How to Unlock Your Passion? – Part 2

As we continue to discuss what unlocks your passion that we started in “How to Unlock Your Passion? Part 1“, we will focus on how one’s passion can be affected in your relationship with others. In essence, I want you to focus on these tips to end a bad relationship while going through this story below.

Five (5) Tips to End a Bad Relationship:

  1. Don’t Mistake Addiction for Love
  2. Give Yourself a Break
  3. Lock Yourself into a Plan
  4. Defy Cognitive Dissonance. (Stop trying to justify your past behaviour)
  5. Own Your Decision

Compatibility in Relationships

Imagine dating someone who is not compatible with you but you hold onto the relationship because you are afraid of being alone. Staying in an unhealthy relationship drains you emotionally, and can also affect your self-esteem. You begin to believe you are not worthy of better. Your physical health is affected by the negative emotions that flood your mind. This is not good for either one of the individuals because both persons are stifled by the environment in which you are stuck. See this being played out in the true story below.

A couple in a relationship at the height of their passion.

Stacy is a beautiful and talented young lady. She has a good job and works hard to support herself. Everyone who knows her is drawn to her exquisite personality. But Stacy had a difficult past; she had experiences with unhealthy relationships and felt there was no hope for her in finding the right person.

Then she met Tony and he was mesmerised with Stacy. He would meet her at work and take her to lunch, buy her little trinkets to show his appreciation. From the information she received, Tony was single with no children and had a stable job in the service. Stacy thought to herself that this is the one.

How Abuse Creeps Into a Relationship

Tony and Stacy’s relationship seemed to be going well and they decided to take the next step; moving in together. Then something changed, Tony was monitoring her phone calls and messages. He monitored where she went after work. Stacy felt maybe she should do more to reassure Tony, so she cut all ties with her friends. But the abuse got worse, and Stacy got depressed. She lost her zeal and the only thing she did on a daily basis was going to work and returned home. She was under house arrest.

Stacy felt so alone that she stayed in this relationship for almost two years, until one day, Tony threatened her with a knife and almost stabbed her. He claimed she was cheating on him, and wouldn’t stand for it anymore. Stacy snuck out of the house and went to the police station and made a report.

It was during this encounter that I saw Stacy and took that opportunity to talk to a young woman who appeared broken. She cried so much that day, that I felt a tug in my heart. We spoke at length and I promised to keep in touch. The relationship with Tony ended that day at the police station, and even though she was physically free, she was still in emotional bondage.

Finding Help

We spoke over many meetings and I was able to help Stacy find a place of peace. She came to the place where she realised that she was not responsible for Tony’s actions; Tony had to deal with Tony, and she had to deal with herself. We worked through the process of healing, helping Stacy to find purpose in her life again. Stacy found her passion again, she found the passion that she was lacking, and she was able to look in the mirror and smile at herself because she had worth, she had value. Stacy no longer dates aimlessly, as she spends more time building up herself.

There is Hope

You may be reading this story and can relate to it because you too have encountered such a situation, or someone close to you. For this reason, why, Stacy gave me permission to share this story with you. This is to encourage you that no matter how low you get in your life, there is always a way out; there is always a way to find that passion again. Learn to love and appreciate yourself, and when others see that in you, they too will learn to love and appreciate you.

Based on all that you have read here and what I have shared with you, are there any other tips that you would like to share with us on how to end a bad relationship?


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