Sharing Household Chores in Your Marriage

Sharing Household Chores in Your Marriage

Should We Share Household Chores in Our Marriage?

Sharing Household Chores in Our Marriage can create a healthy bonding experience. For our marriage to be successful, we need to first take the time to communicate. Determining who does what chores, has many underlying factors. Here are some pointers in guiding these decisions:

  • Understand each other’s background.
    • Dynamics of family history influences how we function as an adult.
    • It can affect our relationship when we assume our way of life is the only right way.
  • Discuss your frustrations when you and your partner are calm.
    • Peaceful communication is always the best way to articulate the issues.
    • Use “I” statements to avoid attacking your partner.
  • Make a list of every chore that needs to be done.
    • This is a good way to know and understand what chores need to be done, either daily, weekly, or monthly.
    • It gives both individuals a visual of all the chores and how they can be divided or completed. 
  • Pick specific days to complete household chores.
    • Both persons may be working, so this will avoid any frustration building up when one expects the chores to be completed on their time.
    • The chores can be expected to be completed on a specific date.
  • Don’t criticize how they choose to accomplish their chores.
    • Each of us may have different styles of completing a chore. Once it is being completed in an orderly fashion, we should keep the criticisms to ourselves.
  • Have an open running dialogue with your partner.
    • Regular communication to ensure that the chores schedule is being met.
    • Open dialogue will assist in understanding if chore schedules need to be adjusted based on each person’s schedule. Eg: change of date or change of chore.
  • Show gratitude.
    • Always be thankful.
    • Thank your spouse for doing a good job. It encourages further support in the home.

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