Eleven (11) Things Marriage Has Taught Us

11 Things Marriage Has Taught Us

This week Joshua and I celebrate our 11th Anniversary. We went through an exercise of writing down 11 Things Marriage Has Taught Us. We shared our combined 11 items but here is a list of our individual 11 things:

Sharlene: 11 Things Marriage Has Taught Me

1. Any decision I make no longer impacts me; it impacts both of us.

2. Loving someone is an intentional process.

3. When your soul ties with someone, there is a connection that only the couple understands.

4. Being vulnerable does not have to be scary, as it builds trust in the relationship.

5. Healthy communication is valuable to understanding each other.

6. Your family background has shaped you, but it must not define who you are in this relationship. Let God be the defining factor in the way forward.

7. There should ONLY be three persons in your marriage; God, your spouse and you.

8. Compromise does not have to be a bad thing.

9. Marriage is a covenant with God, and I should respect it as such. It is not for my happiness but for my salvation.

10. Having goals together helps to plan for your future.

11. Marriage should complement a person, not complete them.

Joshua: 11 Things Marriage Has Taught Me

1. Love is an action word.

2. Forgive because you played a part.

3. A Hug has healing powers.

4. Schedule a date night and keep it.

5. Don’t sweat the little things.

6. Pray together and for each other.

7. Make time for personal development.

8. Guard the boundaries of your marriage.

9. Choose friends that support your goals.

10. Traveling has a way of teaching new things.

11. Learn to be vulnerable.

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